Coredy USB 2.0 to VGA DVI HDMI Video Graphics Adapter

SKU : MDA1920

● Easily connect multiple additional monitors to your desktop, laptop, Android 5.X tables or smartphone to increase work efficiency.
● Can support up to 6 total monitors on Windows PCs, one adapter required per monitor.
● DisplayLink DL-165 chipset. Support resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p).
● Plug and play, USB 2.0 connectivity to any VGA, DVI, HDMI monitor or projector, also fit to TV.
● Simply drag to open a new screen or mirror an existing desktop onto another monitor.
● No power plug is needed, the power is provided by the USB 2.0 port source.
● Drivers are available via Windows Update, direct download, or Driver CD.

UPC: 711091378410

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